One thing I didn’t imagine to be a struggle was holding off having children…….
It’s literally a challenge some days!

I married the perfect man who gets me water bottles without me asking and gives me my penguin to cuddle when he leaves for work to disguise the fact he’s gone and a man who works so hard for our future, I’m the luckiest and proudest wife around!
So riddle me this..
Why wouldn’t I want to start a family?
This is my daily fight!

But first a house….
We are currently both working as much as we can to raise the funds to get a mortgage for a gorgeous house somewhere that’s ours (I know how grown up am I sounding)
A space of our own that’s safe and eventually a home where we can be surrounded by our children  (I hope to have a few) and loved ones!

But thinking about my 2016 and what I would like from it, where do I begin:
1. A house that we turn into a home
2. To keep falling deeper and deeper into love with my husband
3. Keep searching for a job to fulfil my dream to be a foundation or KS1 teaching assistant
5. A baby *maybe if funds allow for my potential cravings

I’ll keep you updated with these throughout the year!


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