My job is quite possibly one of the most painstakingly difficult jobs but also one of the most rewarding.
I come home everyday from work frozen, exhausted and ready to curl back up into bed (hence the p.j’s in the photo) Yet, I wouldn’t change it for the world!
It’s good I left this post for today as it was possibly one of the most rewarding.
My blue group at work were just not on the planet (I don’t think they ever are) and after 15 minutes I gave up and declared that after break we will write it as a group and in 15 minutes they’d all shared enough ideas to finish their work…. (kids are funny.)
And lunch, i just need to discuss. I was stood in the hail, rain and almost snow for half an hour so I came in from work with the most massive red nose and numb hands!! I looked like Rudolph (the really red nosed reindeer)
So far I have the loveliest memories from working at Bickleigh one of my favourites is recently a little year 1 stood up in the dinner hall and shouted ‘MRS.MORGAN’ (and I’m still getting used to that) in the loudest voice followed by a thud, thud, thud and then arms wrapped around me *he just melted my little heart* he usually interacts with me on the playground and I always get a cuddle, things like this make my job worth it as it just goes to show that the children like me which helps to remind me that I did deserve the luck I had in being offered a job as a TA after the summer….
I cannot believe I’ve been a TA for 5 month pretty much as long as I’ve been married and I still don’t feel qualified enough to be either…. I’m learning though.
Every tear that’s shed, every heartbreak and every happiness I share with my best friend which makes working as a team a whole lot easier.


                                Christmas cuddles with my man!


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