Why did I do it?


I have been questioned a few times about why did I get married? Aren’t you too young? How long have you known each other?
I got married because I fell crazy in love with a true gentleman…
End of.  Stories over. Close the book. Well actually don’t close the book that we’ve just opened!
We can make plans together without people making sure we are followed so we don’t get up to mischief  (like that stopped us, mischief is in our blood) so obviously we are taking full advantage of this by visiting family in the February  half term, EXCITED! We get to see the most handsome, cutest little cuddly boys at epic Charlotte’s house and then on to the legendary Julie and Alan’s house where Josh is going to show me more Wolverhampton sights and finally educate me on Wolves chips (I don’t yet know the difference so I’ll let you all know)

Bring on a week with my handsome sexy husband face!!!


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