Quick HIDE!


My whole life has just been different versions of this phrase, whether it’s from people or myself!
Today for the first time I found some peace in myself. A girl in my maths class asked for some extra help so I sat her with my maths group and she innocently asked me ‘what’s that on your finger?’
This may seem like a odd question and inoffensive but had someone of said that to me anytime 2 years ago I would of said oh nothing and then gone home and cried to myself but I just simply replied with ‘oh its just my arthritis’ she smiled and continued to list off all her grandparents with arthritis and I didn’t feel uncomfortable or sad I actually felt quite calm and at peace with the fact that I am different.
I have always been different hence the desire to be invisible, I’ve always been massively self contious, being in a wheelchair didn’t help me to feel like me.
Josh has changed my life, it’s thanks to him that I felt the way I did today. He could have chosen any women on this planet, one who was healthier or taller or rich and he chose me the teeny blonde thing with arthritis and often holds a close resemblance to an 80 year old woman… but he still opted to spend his whole life with me because he loves me!
Feeling at peace with yourself is something I haven’t ever felt and I love the feeling!! My life advice is even if it’s only once, feel at peace with yourself, accept yourself for who you are, you deserve it for you!!