She’s a real life princess!!


And sit down!
It’s been one of those weeks where everything is full on, plus I still have a school trip to go on tomorrow, secretly I’m excited mainly because I can wear jeans but still…..
I have just dropped my little sister off to her prom, naturally she looked pretty as a princess and hated having photos taken by me! However it’s a right of passage as an older sister to torture my younger siblings (even more so if they are the youngest)
I am so proud of my little sister, she’s gone through more than most children that are her age and I know she will come out with top grades helping her to aspire to whatever she wishes to be in this life (unless it’s a stripper which she declared she would become, many times during the taking of her GCSE exams)
I’ve seen that teeny tiny little baby grow into a lovely young lady who has
her moody moment (she’s a teenager it’s only normal, I told myself millions of times while talking her down from the ledge or stopping her from ripping my neck off.)
However at the end of it all I feel happy that I’ve had a hand in helping her find herself, she no longer wants to copy me and wear the same clothes at the same time or want the same career as me she knows her individual purpose for her life. I know now that imitation is the highest form of flattery and I should have appreciated it when I was younger yet I know that she still respects me even if she doesn’t copy me and that’s because she acts the way she knows is appropriate…. and I had a hand in teaching her that!
We’ve always had bad days where I’ve nearly killed her (joke I wouldn’t kill anyone… I get sad killing flies *awkward when your phone changes flies to slides… I have also never killed a slide in my life) but at the end of the day siblings do and I need to remember that although I am her sister I’ve also been a part time mother which some days puts double the strain on our relationship but with the thought of one day not being in the same house as her to dry her tears when she’s down or laugh at her when she falls and then pick her up that kills me… I don’t want the way our sistership (made up word? Who cares I like it) works to ever change!!!!
I’m an emotional human who doesn’t love by halves hence this super cheesy blog post, however sometimes it’s nice to show the people you love how much you love them. My way of doing that is writing, it always has been… just ask Josh! While we were dating I must have single handedly killed hundreds of trees (oh apparently I have killed, my bad)  writing little love notes for him to find when I left his house or he opened his lunch and that was me showing my affection towards him….
So here is my tree friendly form of affection!


I’m back!


Hello! I’m back from my silence!!
Well a lot has happened and not happened at the same time….
Josh and I had a week off where we went out on little day trips, my favourite was out trip to St.Ives where we got very burnt!!
We were going to start our holiday on a high with a house viewing in devonport but received a phone call on our way there saying that they didn’t have access to the keys and they were trying to get hold of the tennant so they could show us the property… Josh being Josh put on his happy face and said okay well we are here now I have an idea, he drove me to devils point and we had a picnic on a bench over looking the sea. Josh has a magical way of turning a bad situation into a good one! (Obviously we missed out on that house but we are hoping that our house fate will be on our side shortly)
Anyway in regards to any of the houses that’s a tricky one… We’ve missed out on a few houses now which means it hurts less and less every time however we have found some new builds that we have put our paperwork in for, we are really hoping for one of the 3 options but again we will just have to wait and see….
I’m still very happily in love with my husband, if not more so! I’ve never known anyone to understand and look after me the way he does, I will never take him for granted or understand why he loves me as much as he does. I am the luckiest lady alive! 
Now I’m enjoying the sun and waiting for June 15th for my appointment which obviously Josh had managed to wangle off work, yay, I’ll have company!! Then the 23rd I have to vote which still scared me…. finally followed by the end of the month 26th which is my sisters prom I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!
I’ll be back again with the next update of my life hopefully there will be something interesting to share other than work or my sister growing up!!!