Well its your life….

I have heard this phrase so often in my life and it seems to be popping up more and more the older I get (I’m not saying I’m old). I was seeing the doctors about my silly foot the other day (now I sound old) and he asked what I did as a job and I replied I work in a primary school and he questioned what year so I said year 5 and he said ‘well its your life’. It wasn’t until I left the room that I really thought about this, yes it’s my life and yes I throughly enjoy my job, I’m pretty sure it’s better than touching other people’s feet…(definitely not a job I’d EVER consider) but in a strange way I got incredibly protective over my job and the amazing children I get the opportunity to work with every single day. Anyway I came out with a bee in my bonnet as two bones in my ankle may need to be fuesed together if an injection in it doesn’t work #arthritislife #20goingon80.

Another time this has came up is when talking about houses and how Josh and I were looking in Devonport for a house. Responses were brilliant some of the time, but at the end of the day Josh and I want a safe warm home where we can hopefully bring up a family (I know when dis I get old) 

Either way people need to think about that phrase and consider the tone it’s said in because at the end of the day you’ve just pointed out something incredibly obvious but also something incredibly precious to me. 

Like all lives mine encompasses the good and the bad but through all of that over the last 3 years I’ve had the best man by my side and I’ve been lucky enough to call him my husband for nearly a year. 

Life is fantastic if you capture the good memories and develop the bad ones.