Cherish your time…

After 10 days in hospital you start to go a bit crazy, I haven’t ever spent this much time away from my husband since we’ve been married and I’m on a ward full of very old people but this is what inspired me to write today!

I saw a family rush up to a side room today with children in toe and then continued to hear wailing and crying and the kids asking is grandma was going to die. This was answer with a simple yes. Later that evening she did pass on as we were locked in our room to let the family have time…. I don’t deal with hospital deaths very well because it’s what happened to my mum and she wasn’t even lucky enough to have grandchildren there so I have always had a deep respect for life but now with a baby on the way and a husband I love more than life itself I just wish I could hold him a little closer tonight but all I can do is cuddle my little one growing in my womb and tell the little sprog how much I love it’s everything!!!