My life is never slow and without excitement, this time it began with a trip in an ambulance  (Nee-Naw).
After feeling poorly for too long I finally accepted I was too ill and phoned Josh on Saturday and said we need to get an ambulance out to me now just to add stress to him while he’s working, because I am lovely like that. 

The paramedics were incredible they got to us really quickly and wacked me up on some oxygen (it felt incredible to be able to breath like that) and then took me to A&E where it was ridiculous, it’s not a lie what they say about it being over crowded I was in a corridor until the oxygen ran out and we had to very quickly find me a place to be plugged in and besides all this they were still really good at getting things sorted. 

My night started off with the doctors wanting to put me to sleep and intubate me to take the strain off my lungs and they wanted to take baby out asap but as the night progressed they decided to to put me on a ward for a night where they scanned baby (who was nice and strong by some miracle) so I was safe for a night! 

They did lots of tests on Sunday as well, bloods galore and lots of checks on baby. A week later I’m sat in hospital still on oxygen but able to spend a bit more time off it than before and baby is growing as they are feeding me up with crazy high calorie food (eating for two is literally exhausting) Yet they are still considering c sectioning at 34 weeks so that baby and I are both safe and if that happens I don’t mind because it’s whatever is safest for my little one to arrive into this world but I will carry them for as long as I’m allowed!! 

Trust me I’ve not always had this positive persona while being sat here,I’ve shed enough tears for a life time about being good enough and how I’ve done bad by my baby because I didn’t realise I was quite this poorly, I’m going to hold my little one forever and fully appreciate how much of a blessing they are to me, children are a privilege and this baby is one of the best things to happen to me even through all the illness the fact I have even carried them this far is proof that my baby is going to do some awesome things in life! 

On a side note Josh and I are so grateful for all of the support from near and far, we’ve really felt your love in your messages!