Pickled in pink 

Never did I expect to be picking out pink clothes and blankets for my precious princess! I was adamant that baby Morgan would be a boy and I bought the sweetest outfit for him to come home in and we bought a girl one just incase, however also not part of my plan was a prem baby! 

28 weeks and 4 days our teeny princess arrived (during labour I didn’t even care what baby Morgan would be as long as they were born alive) Now at 34 weeks and 6 we are still in NICU still just plodding along trying to cope with only seeing her for a few hours a day as I still have to rest and recover and it’s tough, I mean heart wrenchingly painful, I wake up in the night not because my baby is crying but because I need to express for her, I wake up in the morning to an empty house and know someone is missing… this tiny little princess has taken up the other half of my heart (obviously my husband got first dibs on the first half) and to have to be separated doesn’t feel fair.

People say it’s for her good ect ect and I know that but in reality if she wasn’t yet born then at least she’d be in my belly where she follows me everywhere… I miss that connection, I desperately miss being pregnant I don’t feel like I got a fair chance at it and I highly doubt I will get to do it again (which absolutely destroys me the thought of my body not being able to have another but that’s a selfish different kettle of fish) but I am incredibly grateful that she’s healthy, no matter where she is that’s all I could ask for is that she is healthy and loved (that was going to be the case anyway) 

I love being pickled in pink and know that she is our miracle baby and our favourite blessing and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a mum to little Lidleberry.


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