Missed out

As a child who is different physically, the one thing you will hear when you are an adult is the phrase

 ‘oh so you missed out a lot then’ 
I used to agree and get quite upset by it as the reality is, yes, I didn’t do sports day, I sometimes didn’t leave my bed for days on end due to pain, in fact I barely attended primary school due to hospital visits (planned and un planned) and just the pure amount of pain and now as an adult (apparently) I’ve started hearing the phrase again however its now been about getting married young and then having a NICU baby which again made me list the things I missed out on, uni, dating loads of people (why when you’ve found the one) a baby shower, looking pregnant, a less utterly terrifying labour… just to name a few but in the last 24 hours I’ve taken a stance on it! 

I didn’t miss out on anything, I’ve gained so much more than people know! 

I have gained patience and how to make the most of a bad situation, how to put a smile on my face when my whole world is crumbling around me, I’m basically a fully trained NICU nurse, I have had an extra 3 months with my daughter and now have an unbreakable bond! Not only that I believe we are an unbreakable family, we’ve gone through so much and still love each other dearly at the end of it… I’m lucky and very blessed. 

I’ve gained more than I have missed out on!!!! 


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