Oh how I used to get irritated when Lydia would cry because I’ve put her down or just because she could…. how I used to wish she would stop for just a moment and give me a break! 
Now I take that all back! Yesterday between extubation and re incubating we got to see her on cpap and she cried (it was very quiet and froggy sounding) but for the first time 9 days I heard her cry. It broke my heart but it was the most normal thing she’d done in such a long time. She had tears down her face and her bottom lip wobbled, together we sobbed! She was in pain, sad and fed up and I totally knew how she felt.

I held her on the same day after they re intubated, she layed in my arms and sobbed, no amount of consolation would calm her. She was telling me that she’d had enough as well! 

My poor baby has suffered so much and hasn’t deserved the life she’s been given however she is the only one strong enough to live it. She fights day in, day out to get home to us and we fight with her! 

My super strong princess! 


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